Bowl and Bone - Harnais YETI Gris

Bowl and Bone - Harnais YETI Gris

Soft and warm, this harness is very chic with its leash will keep warm your dog in a style that will not go unnoticed.

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The choice of Loobora :

It is the fur of this harness that we liked because even though our dogs have a coat more or less thick, they will always appreciate the softness.

So when we are permitted to combine softness, comfort and style in a harness, that makes this pack a must-have.

Ideal for outputs d’between seasons, it replaces advantageously the collar, protecting from the cold and wind the torso of your dog.

It can also be used in outings in the evening as this harness is not only very stylish but also very useful during the evenings cooler.

In detail :

Bowl and Bone has made the choice of a synthetic fur to outfit our dogs.

This harness may not be accompanied as a leave-keyed, it is for this reason that the lot is indivisible.

Its two rings on the top with a fur side hairs make it an object of particular aesthetic, and that you will see, easily attracts the eye on your dog.

Available sizes :

Bowl and Bone has chosen to decline his harness in 6 different sizes in order to make it accessible to the greatest number of dogs.

The dimensions are the measures of the harness.

  • XXS – Up to 24 cm neck circumference – 27-to 30-cm circumference of chest – 7cm length in the back
  • XS – Up to 24 cm neck circumference – 29 to 32 cm chest circumference – 7.5 cm in length in the back
  • S – Up to 26 cm neck circumference – 33 to 36 cm chest – 8cm long in the back
  • M – Up to 28 cm neck circumference – 37 to 40 cm chest – 8cm long in the back
  • L – Up to 32 cm neck circumference – 43 to 46 cm circumference of chest – 9cm length in the back
  • XL – Up to 40 cm neck circumference – 52 to 56 cm chest circumference – 10cm in length in the back

Colors available

This lot Harness and Leash and proposed by Loobora in Grey

Bowl & Bone Harnais Laisse Yeti
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