Laisse "Galgano" en cuir par Malucchi (Italie)

Laisse "Galgano" en cuir par Malucchi (Italie)

Enjoy your walks so that your dog stands out by its elegance with the leaves Galgano green leather worked by hand

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The choice of Loobora :

The collection Galgano of Malucchi embodies theauthenticity and the elegance in a pure state.

This is the reason why this model of leash for a dog is one of our favorites.

The quality of the saddle leather soft worked and engraved by hand, refers to the style of rosettes are well known in the medieval abbeys with the sting of nails.

In detail :

The vegetable leather is tanned by the application of essential oils and waxes ; the finish, a succession of brushing fabric, and horse hair for maximum softness and shine.

The leaves Galgano, color, natural brunette has a width of 2 cm and a length of 110 cm.

Malucchi Laisse Galgano
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