Dress up her dog

You are many, and many to ask you if it is necessary or not to dress up his dog for walks everyday or for special occasions.

The fact is that our animals have rights, just like us, in style and good health. Offer these protections, and accessories, comfortable and cosy becomes so obvious !

Dress up her dog ? It depends !

The debate of whether or not it is necessary to dress his dog has in reality no meaning if we do not take into account the main stakeholders : our dogs.

Whether it's a large dog with long hair who lives in the countryside in a region that is relatively unpolluted, or a dog small type Yorkshire for example, urban and risk-averse, more inclined to a more sedentary life, dogs appreciate comfort, warmth and protection.

The first parameter to take into account is the nature of your dog, his environment and his age, because as humans, animals, and so the dogs can catch a cold !

How to know if your dog needs to be covered ?

If you are wondering if it is necessary to dress up your dog, it is sufficient in reality to observe : it trembles, reluctant to walk or has trouble breathing ?

Especially don't wait, bring it back to the house, and cover, is that it is cold and need to be more covered !

You can opt for several types of clothing for the dogs present in the market, focusing on the material of the garment and its comfort (soft, waterproof and padded) as well as the practical aspect : some coats are much more difficult to thread than others.

In addition, think of buying a coat which will leave the possibility of keeping your dog on a leash, with an opening on the back and easy access to the collar.

This seems obvious, but a good number of coats does unfortunately not !

Moreover, it is very important to note that even with a coat, your dog may fall sick if you do not see the little ritual before the walk : if your apartment or house is heated, you will have beautiful clothing for your dog for his coat, he runs the risk of still getting sick, because of the thermal shock !

So play a bit with him before the exit, it will make us a better... and more warmed up !

A coat... and shoes !

Finally, since the coats were not enough to protect them in case of winter extended, there are also shoes for your pet : their pads are very sensitive to the cold and dirt, without even talking about the salt on the roads for snow removal !

Finally, opt for a coat for a dog with flashy colors : in addition to being at the cutting edge of fashion, your dog will be very easily spotted !